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Elevate Your Career with NLSC's Comprehensive Services

Venturing into the realm of education and personal development can be daunting, especially for women in recovery. That’s where NLSC steps in. We’re here to guide you through every stage:
  • Career Counseling: Find your path with expert advice.
  • Transition to the Job Market: Equip yourself with coping strategies for smooth transitions.
  • Career & Major Exploration: Discover where your passions lie.
  • Career Assessments: Gauge where you stand and where you can go.
  • Mock Interviews: Hone your skills with real-time feedback.
  • Graduate & Professional School Assistance: Navigate application processes seamlessly.
  • Resume & Cover Letter Critiques: Make a lasting first impression.
  • Job Search Strategies: Learn techniques to land that dream job.
  • Tailored Career Workshops: Customized sessions as per your needs.
  • GED Exam Preparation Resources: Bridge the educational gap with confidence.
  • Job Fair Strategies: Stand out in crowded job fairs.

Your Journey with NLSC in Three Simple Steps

A Heartfelt Conversation

We recognize that every journey is distinct. We’re here to listen, learn, and understand your unique story.

Your Personalized Roadmap

With a deep understanding of your past and present, we craft an action plan tailored just for you.

Consistent Monitoring and Support

Progress isn’t always linear. We’re your steady support system, ensuring you grow and flourish.

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